Great Strides LLC was developed in the fall of 2003, by John and Christine Olin to make a profound change in the lives of those children and their families afflicted with physical disabilities.
John has been a practicing ABC Certified Orthotist in CT since 1997.
His love for pediatrics made him aware that there was a need to improve the mobility of many afflicted children.
When he was introduced to the walker by one of his patients, he found an answer to that need. He was impressed by the child’s independence gained and the ability of the walker to keep the body in correct alignment when in use.
Knowing the MK II Hart Walker and like gait trainers were still relatively unknown pieces of equipment to parents of children with special needs, Pediatric Physical Therapists and Doctors, he spent the next several years dedicated to reaching out to parents, PT’s and Dr.’s and providing the MKII Hart Walker to hundreds of kids.
Unfortunately, as of recently, there is no current distributor of the MKII Hart Walker in the United States, thus suspending the ability for Great Strides to provide it.
Fortunately, John is also certified to provide the TAOS (Theraputic Ambulatory Orthotic System) and has been doing so for years as well.
“The TAOS is another superb gait trainer that has great benefits, it also gives children the safe hands-free independence as well as the sit-to-stand option that is extremely helpful when putting the child into the system, taking them out and giving the children the option to rest when needed.”
For more detailed information on the TAOS please go to our page:  http://walkersforkids.com/taos-walker or  visit:  http://www.taos1.com.
John is always happy to visit a group of parents, PT’s, doctors, anyone who would like to see the walker, ask questions and learn more.Most importantly, he finds great joy in seeing the elation of the kids and their families by being able to do independent activities.
“There’s nothing like seeing a child take their first hands-free steps without help. It’s truly rewarding.”

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