How do I know if the TAOS might be appropriate for my child?

Every child with musculoskeletal involvement present with different challenges. If your child can initiate step voluntarily, we suggest you fill out the Request for Assessment form and we will contact you after we review all your information. Typically, trunk posture, size (height and weight), type of diagnosis, their physical presentation, including hypotonicity versus hypertonicity, extension versus flexion synergies etc. help us to determine at their trial, which device will be most appropriate.

How easily transportable is the TAOS?

With the TAOS, the base comes apart into three sections with simple quick-release levers, which enable it to be broken down quickly. It will fit into the smallest compact car trunk.

Like any piece of equipment, it takes time, practice and consistency to get used to. There are parents out there who would be happy to give you tips on how they incorporate the MkII Hart Walker or TAOS into their child’s daily routine.– back to top –

Will my child be able to use the TAOS in school and will his Physical Therapists and Aids know how to use it?

Yes!! Absolutely your child should use his walker in school. Our Clinician, John Olin, will come to your child’s school to In-Service/teach the staff how to put your child into and take out of the MkII Hart Walker or the TAOS. He will also inform them what to look for when your child might need a growth adjustment. We make ourselves available via e-mail and phone for the Physical Therapist and/or Aids if they have any questions. – back to top –

How often will my child need a growth adjustment?

Hard to say…we find it could be anywhere from 3-6 months, depending on how quickly and how often your child grows.– back to top –

How will I know when my child needs a growth adjustment?

With the TAOS, you may notice that your childs hips and knees do not match the hip and knee joints on the bracing system. Because of this, you will see that it is more difficult for your child to walk.

If you notice the shoes are too tight or small, that will signify that your child has grown also indicating that an adjustment is needed.– back to top –

How long does it take to get an appointment?

We schedule appointments for trials, deliveries and adjustments here in our Cheshire Connecticut office, 2 Saturdays of the month. John will visit your child’s school on Friday afternoons when available for In-services to the school staff.

Will Insurance cover the cost of the TAOS?

Most Insurance Companies will cover at least, if not all the cost of the TAOS. We will need a prescription from your child’s Doctor (that we provide), a Letter of Justification (from your child’s Physical Therapist) and other extensive documentation that we send to the Insurance Company.

How long does it take from the time my child has a trial to when the TAOS is delivered to him/her?

It depends on how long it takes for the Doctor and Physical Therapist to get us the proper paperwork, then how long the Insurance Company takes to approve coverage. It could range from approximately 3 weeks to 2 months.–

What other private funding organizations can we contact?

Your local United Cerebral Palsy Foundation, Department of Mental Retardation (DMR), the Kiwanas, the Shriner’s, The Rotarty Club are where some parent’s have received funding. Call your towns Social Services, they can direct you to other organizations as well.

We had a Mother who received funding from a local Radio Station.

Who can be a Provider of the TAOS?

Only a Certified Orthotist can become a provider of the TAOS.

Why do you have to be a certified Orthotist in order to become a provider of the TAOS?

The bracing system of the TAOS is extensive and a Certified Orthotist has the knowledge, education and training needed in order to service, provide and adjust both devices to maximize your child’s walking ability in a safe manner. –